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Xibalba Biography

In the middle of '92, we delved into the pyramids of the ancient Mexico's realms, to walk an unknown path, crawling through old and erosioned bended stairs, into the center of the earth. The goal was to find the connection of our lands with the cosmic planes from outer sides. We were just kids on the verge of madness.

We began to put all the elements together and acomplished a part of this goal by having the band rehearsing under several musical influences, mainly from the now considered golden era, where a band like Bathory was a real infamous novelty, (I still hail this band). But our influences went further. At that time, it was no big deal that we could be listening to a band like Cryptic Slaughter, and suddenly feel like listening to Voivod or Celtic Frost, so I think that was something that allowed the band to have a different view away from trite standards.

Jorge Ah Ek Tenel on Drums and me Marco Ek Balam on Guitar and vocals, we're looking for someone to helped us in bass guitar, and found that helping hand in José Ortiz, whose interest in joining the band was almost immediate.

The idea of the band's name came from the ancient Mayan historical records about the world that lies below the earth.

So we began composing the songs that ended up in our first demo tape entitled "In Lucescitae Tristis Hiei", I think the music we put in there was really dark, but mainly we were offering some kind of a primitive rage. We were just experimenting in this field.

Many people got interested in that tape, and it semmed that we were getting on the doorstep to a musical environment embraced by the likes of our ancient past, our pyramids, our gods, and suddenly we needed not the accustomed lyrics everybody was used to, and we needed not to hail others but our gods from our skies. We utterly became more and more interested in our roots, and were placing all of this into our music. At that point we had a few shows, and people's reaction was really good.

Giving away so many tapes for promotional purposes helped us getting in touch with a small independent label called Guttural Records, for the release of our debut CD "Ah Dzam Poop Ek".

Everything was going really well, but internal problems appeared too soon, and José Ortiz didn't want to be a part of the band anymore, he just left, no more bass player. So, we had to arrange the whole set of songs by ourselves for the then forthcoming album.

The "Ah Dzam Poop Ek" album, saw the light in 1994, a most ferocious and fastest record than the previous demo-tape, and was also offering an atmosphere drowned into the sounds of prehispanic elements that caught the attention of many people around the world.

We stopped performing at that time and saw the decadence of an era, we simply didn't want to appeared live no more, cause the music genre was turning into some kind of big trendy thing which made us follow different paths. Final effort was a split tape, out in 1996. We were young kids and just ended up the whole thing, in the same way it began.

Recently, an independent label from the USA, Nuclear War Now Productions, showed interest in our two recordings, and the year of 2007 saw the re-release of a deluxe edition, in a double vynil version, of the Ah Dzam Poop Ek album including a patch, a sticker and a big poster of the band. 2008 saw the re-release of our first demo tape, in vynil format as well, including a bonus 7'E.P. with extra tacks, an also a patch, a sticker and a mini poster of the band. It was all for the pleasure of our ancient legion of followers.

Those releases brought us back and during 2008 we got together, with the help of Ehxhibchac on Bass guitar, to have a few promotional gigs in support of the albums. Last performance was at a bar in Chicago Illinois in the US, on September 20 '08. The response of the crowd was really good.

Marco Ek-Balam

Vic EhXibChac

Jorge Ah-Ektenel